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Requesting asylum is a very complicated process and the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) strongly encourages all asylum seekers to find a competent immigration attorney with experience representing asylum seekers.  It is important that you only hire a licensed attorney or Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representative to represent you and that your attorney has immigration, and especially asylum, experience. 

  • Avoid immigration fraud and do not hire a “notario” to represent you.
  • If you do not believe that your attorney is properly representing you, you always have the right to find a new attorney or obtain a second opinion.
  • Please click here to for information on how to make a consultation appointment with NIJC. 
  • For a list of private attorneys with whom you may wish to consult about your case, please visit  You can also view a list of immigration organizations at

But if you cannot find an attorney to represent you,
you can request asylum on your own (also known as “pro se”).

If you are in removal (deportation) proceedings and decide to file for asylum on your own, the following materials may assist you: