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You may have heard buzz today about Giving Tuesday. No, it’s not another ploy to get you to spend more money around the holidays. Today you have the opportunity to join thousands of people around the country to spend meaningfully, to think about giving rather than gifting. This is probably a departure from what you were thinking when you bought that new television on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is a way to kick off the giving season by giving back.

Baby Zolina is a former client of NIJC and a survivor of human trafficking. Baby is now rebuilding her life and will soon be able to reunite with her family. This is why she donates to NIJC:

I never imagined that I would be trafficked into the United States, forced to work in hotels, and constantly abused and sexually harassed. I finally escaped, but I was still afraid to go back to the Philippines and afraid for my family's safety. But NIJC listened to my story. They represented me and helped me find medical care, counseling, and connected me with other organizations that are helping me reunite with my family.

One of the first things I did when I got a job was give to NIJC. Each year, tens of thousands of people are trafficked into the United States and NIJC helps ensure their safety.

I am proud to donate to NIJC. Please join me in making a gift to help others like me.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to NIJC where your contribution can change a life.


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.